South Carolina Fastpitch Softball

Paid Berths

World Series Berth Procedures for South Carolina USSSA Program

Any team qualifying for a World Series (WS) berth, A or B, must participate in the USSSA State Tournament in order to validate that berth. A team's failure to participate in the State Tournament will result in their berth being rescinded. If a team forfeits all of their games in the State Tournament then they have not fulfilled the participation requirement. EXCEPTION: If USSSA limits entries in the State Tournament due to a maximum number of teams being reached, then a team is deemed to have fulfilled the participation requirement if it registers for the tournament and is willing and able to participate if a spot would open up within two weeks of the tournament. To participate in the "A", "B" and "Open" World Series teams must a) play in the state tournament and b) secure a berth by either finishing high enough in a qualifying event or participate in two additional tournaments.

Teams participating in the USSSA Space Coast World Series do not have to participate in their State Tournament. If your team decides not to participate in the South Carolina State Tournament your team will automatically be placed in the A division of the USSSA Disney World Series. The only way to avoid going to the A Bracket automatically is to participate in the State Tournament.

Any team looking to participate in the "C" World Series must be classified as a "C" team. The typical characteristics of a "C" team is described as an above average Rec team or All Star team. All team entries into this event will be scrutinized by the "C" World Series Tournament Director and USSSA event coordinators to ensure that the teams meet the eligibility criteria and to make sure that the competitive balance is what the teams expect. In the future, USSSA may initiate qualification procedures, but, at this point USSSA is offering a "C" World Series nationwide and the only requirement to participate is that teams be classified as "C" teams.

Teams intending to participate in the World Series must submit their entry fee online to the national office. Each team's State Director will approve all eligible teams that register for the World Series. Teams must have available at the World Series a copy of their current official USSSA roster with appropriate signatures, up to date insurance certificate, and birth certificates for all rostered players. Teams are also responsible for handling all other paperwork associated with the WS (eg, housing forms, admission passes, T-shirt orders, etc.).